Kingdom of Lost Children

Kingdom of Lost Children

by L. J. Carter

Why Your Greatest Power is Your Voice

In the story of Kingdom of Lost Children, the children were afraid to speak out about the cruelty they were suffering by the hands of their guardian, Lord Faolan. Meanwhile, many of the townspeople turned a blind eye for fear that speaking out would disrupt their own lives.

As in Kingdom of Lost Children, in real life, many people are afraid to speak out about an abusive situation because abusers, oppressors and dictators use lies, manipulation and fear to maintain control over their victims; to make them feel there is no choice.

Victims are told they are worthless, no-one will believe them, they are alone, that there will be no-where for them to go and that they will suffer worse abuse or a sibling/parent will suffer worse abuse if they dare to speak out.

But here’s the truth. You deserve better! You are NOT worthless! You are NOT alone. There are people who will believe you, there are places for you to go and staying in that situation isn’t going to make the abuse stop - it will only get worse.

Likewise, if you suspect someone you know is suffering abuse, you have the power to give that person a chance at a better life. Pretending the problem isn’t there doesn’t make it go away and by keeping silent, you are allowing the abuser to continue their abuse. And yes, that makes you responsible too.


Child Abuse

If you are a child who is suffering abuse, this website has a list of helplines, especially for kids, in countries all around the world. Click your country on the list and a telephone number and website will be displayed for help in your area. Please do not be afraid to call. These people are there to help you and offer advice or even, just listen:


For detailed information about the types Child Abuse, effects and signs a child may be suffering abuse, a comprehensive page of information and additional contact numbers can be found on:


Domestic Abuse

If you are and adult dealing with domestic abuse, here are a list of international helplines you can contact to get help:


For more information on recognising domestic violence and abuse, visit:


If you suspect someone you know is suffering abuse; speak out now. As statesman and author, Edmund Burke (1729-97) once said, “All that’s necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing.”

If you have been a victim of abuse, you don’t have to be a victim any more. An abuser wants you to feel that you are weak and that there is no hope. But by speaking out to someone you trust, you take back the power they stole and take back your hope for a better future.

That is why your greatest power is in your voice.



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