Kingdom of Lost Children II:

The Book of Shadows

Young Adult Fantasy Fiction

Some shadows are not from this world. Some shadows can kill…

A year has passed since Leyla’s battle for the Book of Ren and she is trying her best to retain a semblance of a normal life. But a new girl is in town with a clandestine score to settle, shadow beings are creeping through Leyla’s house and she is hearing haunting whispers in the dark.

Something insidious has moved into Galbraeth and it will stop at nothing to destroy Leyla and those she loves. Leyla’s only weapon is to face an old terror and uncover an ancient book of the most malevolent magic she has ever known, the Book of Shadows. But a dark side to Leyla’s powers have begun to emerge and those she thought she could trust may actually be her greatest enemies.


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