Kingdom of Lost Children: The Book of Ren

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Kingdom of Lost Children has been given a FIVE STAR reader rating! Check out what some of the readers are saying about it:

Check out some of the latest reviews from just a few of the awesome students at St. Johns School, Springvale, Vic, Australia:

"It is a true privilege to read The Kingdom of Lost Children. There were so many twists so if any time I put the book down I would never know what would happen at the end. The art work in the book is AMAZING!!!! To be honest I couldn’t put the book down. The characters and the setting of the story are absolutely unbelievable. The genre of the story is just suitable for me. I also liked how the story captured my interest and imagination from the very start. I really enjoyed reading the book. Even by just judging the cover, it still looked interesting and really captured the eye. I would read this book again and would never get bored. I would say that this story by L J Carter is quite mesmerizing and the artwork is very captivating and beautifully presented. ”

(by Tracey Year 6)

“I feel so lucky to have read such a wonderful book that isn’t available in bookshops in Australia yet. The book was great to read; I liked it very much. The story was interesting, mysterious and captivating and it didn’t take me too long to read because I couldn’t put it down. It was one of the longest books I have ever read and enjoyed all the way through. I enjoyed reading the book a lot. I also rate this book 10/10 and I would like to thank Ms. L.J. Carter for writing such a wonderful book for young people to read.” (by Aaron Year 6)

"I’ve just finished reading the book and it blew my mind, literally. The book had a very rich and interesting plot line because for me it was the balance between reality and fantasy that had me drawn in. Although the story was meant to be serious (or so I think), I can’t help but find some parts humorous. The characters were very detailed and that made them very realistic. I find that the book has some identical events that happen in the real world. The story had me thinking of all different possible outcomes in the end. There were many plot twists that surprised me and had me captivated to the very end of the story. The artwork was very beautiful and nearly had me taking pictures. The art style suited the story line and I think Ms Carter is very creative. I also read the authors note at the end and It saddens me to even think that children are going through immense pain while we are living obliviously in our lives.To me it is a privilege to have read this book. The book has opened my eyes to see the harsh truth but has also made me realise that just a little bit of help can change a whole world sometimes.” ~Artemis (Year 5)

Review on, Great Minds Think Aloud Literary Community:

""In the story of Kingdom of Lost Children, the children were afraid to speak out about the cruelty they were suffering by the hands of their guardian, Lord Faolan. Meanwhile, many of the townspeople turned a blind eye for fear that speaking out would disrupt their own lives. " This is the introduction from the author.

This is a fantasy supernatural story based upon a magical child with powers but she is not aware of them until she and the children she is responsible for in a horrible home for forgotten, neglected children are being cruelty mistreated by a harsh guardian, Lord Faolan. She desires to set them free and the adventure begins.

It could be like other stories of magic kingdoms and cruel masters but this one is very unique for it combines various threads of other stories familiar to the reader 's heart and woven them into a magical, mysterious tale about evil vs. good, light vs. dark and which side will one choose when all the riches and desires are display for their benefit. Hidden in the verses are many messages that touch the reader s' heart and soul. The question; will Leyla and her friends chose materialistic riches and greed over love and sharing with others. Will she and her friends or enemies turn towards the light or darkness of enlightenment or evil destinies? She is torn between two realms and desires one over the other, but which one?

This book is alluring, packed with action, suspense, and mysteries. Every page is a delight to see what will happen next. Will she escape from the dark one chasing her; will she find what she is looking for? It is an exciting journey with the characters, from the mystical creature's adventures, to the intertwining of the ancient texts, incorporating various bible verses and modernization concepts of reality and fantasy, makes this a captivating story to read. It is poetic, haunting and very descriptive with details; it pulls you in and you are trapped in fantastical places as it teleports you into dark, magical places; rallying as Leyla is fighting as a warrior to regain her destiny and save the children before it is too late. This story could be created as a video game; it has all the thrills and secrets that intrigue a reader's mind.

Author's excerpt; "She had always been plagued with strange dreams; dreams of warning; dreams that more often than not came true. But the recent nightmares had been different, more like a memory, a terrifying memory, that faded from her mind as she woke. There was only one image that remained with her: a man watching her from behind the darkness of a broken window; his skin so pale it reflected the moon' s light, eyes so cold they were like stone".

My heart was racing and I could not put it down until I finished when the clock struck 3 .a.m. in the morning, the witching, devil hour and it still tingles my spine into the next day."


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"Kingdom of Lost Children is not the kind of book I would usually read - its genre is, I guess, 'fantasy'. It was recommended by a friend as being a great read with some wonderful illustrations.

Once I started, I couldn't put it down! I found myself stealing quiet moments during the day to return to its pages to find out if Leyla (the book's main character) had 'snuck' back into her room without being caught by her evil Master; traversed the ever-dark desert safely; answered the riddles posed by the Sands of Time successfully; or, finally reconnected with her long lost mother. What a ride.

I think this book 'works' on many levels. I am not sure whether it is a kids book or a story for adults. It works as both. And at what period of time is it set? It could easily be the present day, or the some time in the distant past ... or future. As a result, it keeps you hooked into the story as you try and work out when and where Leyla will go next and who she will meet along her way.

It also follows a timeless narrative of the Hero/Heroine's Journey with Leyla needing to go 'into the wilderness' to reconnect with her happiness, joy and self-confidence in service of herself, her fellow children and the world. Further, there is the mythical characters bought to life in the good versus evil struggle that holds the story together and fills the reader with many a moment of anxiousness and excitement.

I think it is this story 'thread' - of good versus evil - that is most interesting. Simple as may be, the book tackles these universal 'truisms' issues at multiple levels: the inner struggle of individual characters to remain true to goodness, or society at large. My sense is that the author wrote from the perspective of noticing this 'story' as being alive in today's world. The desperate 'power-over' malaise of our present society consuming itself in its own need to 'have it all'. But there is happiness and joy too as the book speaks to the power of love and the wonder of Hope in righting potential wrongs.

Finally, I agree with my friend's recommendation: the author's illustrations are simply amazing. The depth of detail present in each image support and bring to life the book's main characters in ways that make you feel like you can actually touch them!"

Richard J. Harmer, (Amazon US)

“"I would like to see this story in a movie form; it is so rich with description! I look forward to each time I can view another illustration within the book that represents a part in the story. The pictures are full of colors and mysticism (another reason why it would make a great film). The storyline has a lot of twists and I love getting to know the characters. Many of the scenes with the children made me laugh which is good relief from the darkness that surrounds them in their situation. The magic in this book comes alive, stirs my imagination, and becomes increasingly exciting as the story unfolds. Would love to read another one!!”"

Sarah, (Amazon US)

5 Star Rating (Diesel eBook Store)

“"AMAZING......this book from start to finish had me gripped, and a definite 'can't put down.' The attention to detail and the character descriptions make you feel like you are there and part of the story. There are not many books which give me goosebumps and this book certainly does. The 'moral' of the story is subtle and a very good read for all ages.....I LOVED IT....When is the 2nd book launching???”"

P. Ockleshaw, Perth, Western Australia, (Amazon UK)

“"This is such an incredible story! The more I read the more I couldn't put it down and there are many elements within this novel that really make you think. I felt as though I could identify with many of the characters which added tension to their plight. The plot kept me wanting more and the haunting and visual style of writing brought this world to life. The illustrations included are beautiful and add to the magic. I would like to see more from this author!"

PegasusJM, (Barnes and Noble)

"I am not a huge reader, and was given the book to read. I found I couldn't put it down and kept wanting to know what happens. The character descriptions are fantastic and just loved the creativity put into the book, especially the Illustrations. The story flows so well, the characters are so interesting and I loved the fact the book had a subtle positive message to it. This book is a great read for all ages in my opinion and I am looking forward to reading more from the author. LOVED IT!"

Justin Charlton, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Barnes and Noble)

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